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It was back in 2010 that I first had the idea that Alex (my son) might enjoy karting as he’d always been into cars and I was convinced he’d take to it. So it was after a trip to Buckmore Park and a go in their Bambino karts that, in 2011, aged 9, Alex joined Daytona Sandown Park Race school and now, here we are in our first season of Super One! (more on that in another post).

So why this blog ? Two fold really. We’ve learned so much over the last 6 years that we thought we’d share some of this with anyone out there who might find it useful/interesting. Maybe your thinking about this karting lark and whether its for you and if that’s the case, maybe some of what we’ve learned (and continue to learn) and share will help you make your decisions. Secondly, we want to keep a record of our adventures in Super One and share these with our friends and family. So, hope you enjoy our ramblings 🙂