After a bit of a struggle at Llandow two weeks ago I thought it would be good to get the engine checked and make sure it’s performing as expected. Well quite simply, it isn’t, which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand it helps explain our Llandow woes but on the other hand, this engine was new only last year, was recently rebuilt and has just 4 hours use, and yet is down by some 0.9hp on our other engine. To put that in perspective that represents 5% less power which is quite a lot! If that were equated to lap times (which it can’t but let’s just go with it for the moment), that would mean a lap time approx. 2 seconds slower which is massive! I’ve been told that in reality it probably means a lap time nearer 0.5sec slower which is still very significant.

So begins the process of working out what is wrong and I just hope it isn’t a case that it is just a duffer. Clearly not all TKM engines are made quite as equally as I had thought/been led to believe 😦  Thanks Adrian at BRT for uncovering the issue on his dyno – one of the most trustworthy people in karting!