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I’ve been meaning to get our blog up to date for, ooo….incredibly a full year now but, with all that’s been going on its slipped and slipped. Also we made a conscious decision to ‘go dark’ this season, to remove any unnecessary focus on the championship, to just focus on one race at a time.

So, there is much to catch up on, starting with the end of last season and the final round.

PFI – Final Super One race of 2016

So let’s wind back to last year and the final race of the Super-One season, taking place at PF International over 3 days. Alex was sitting around 13th in the championship with little chance of getting into the top ten (and a coveted ‘seed’ number-plate for the following season). By my calculations there was an outside chance of getting 11th at best. Friday practice went ok although we were having some performance issues we just couldn’t crack and as a result he qualified in 16th place. On Saturday he managed to secure an 11th place in the first heat but as the rain came down Alex struggled to make the kart work in heat 2, landing almost at the back. Part of the problem was our fitting new wet tyres in damp conditions. Unlike some other tracks, PFI doesn’t wear the tyres very quickly so, in damp conditions where you need more worn tyres, our new ones just weren’t working.

The Sunday pre-final was again poor, finishing 20th, in the wet. For the final the weather had dried. As they accelerated towards the start his side of the grid suddenly slowed for some reason giving him no option but to brake. Another driver sped down the outside, well outside the tramlines to move in front and then a kart just behind to his right span, just clipping Alex in the process sending him spinning off onto the grass. By the time he’d got going again he was flat last and 1/3 – 1/2 lap behind all the other drivers. It was feeling like a torrid end to a torrid weekend. However, some luck was about to shine on us. An incident up ahead resulted in the Battenberg flag coming out during lap 2, slowing everyone down to half speed and giving Alex a chance to catch up the pack which he duly did just as they started lap 3. So began a great comeback with some really great/brave overtakes which, coupled with a few incidents befalling other drivers resulted in him gaining 12 places and finishing a great 8th.

So ended the 2016 season. The final round points didn’t move us up but, at least we’d had a strong finish and, 13th in Alex’s first season in Super One was a great result.